Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Express Yourself with Baseball & Endless Activities

It has been a very busy couple of weeks!  At the beginning of the month, I went up to New York City to see Madonna in concert at Yankee Stadium.  While the show was enjoyable, I still think my “Librarian Gone Wild” book cart drill should have been incorporated into the show somehow. Call me, Madonna!

"Librarian Gone Wild" seeing Madonna at Yankee Stadium!
While I was up in New York City, I had a meeting with my favorite bookstore, The Strand, and they loved my literary purses and cosmetic bags and will be carrying them in the store this fall!  I was also booked to perform in their rare book room for an event on December 6th!  When I used to live in NYC, I spent just about every weekend wandering through the stacks and now I get to perform in them.  So thrilled! 

The Stand-Up Librarian at The Strand December 6th!
Just after getting off the plane in Florida, I had to turn around a performance in just two hours for a benefit honoring a friend moving back to NYC.  Inspired by Madonna’s show at Yankee Stadium, my love for baseball, and the song “Express Yourself,” (which I hadn’t done since high school), I  did a baseball-themed number that the audience seemed to enjoy – especially since I pulled off that Yankee shirt & revealed a Tampa Bay Rays t-shirt!  Watch the video here:

"Express Yourself with Baseball"

I have also been sewing a lot – preparing for The Strand order but also my holiday items that are available on a made-to-order basis, just ask me and I will make them for you!  I also decided that I needed to have a website entirely devoted to my designs so StandUpLibrarianDesigns.com is now operational and links directly to my Etsy Shop!  I am in the process of updating all of my websites but that is such a major job that it is taking longer than I expected!

It's the Great Pumpkin purse & hat, Charlie Brown!
And then there are performances!  I am preparing for my part in The Vagina Monologues at American Stage on September 30th - something I have never done in my life is say the V or P or C words on stage or out loud, so this should be interesting (especially for my very conservative family members!)  Then the very next week I am booked to do my literary comedy show at a library staff day and since I love to write new material, not to mention choreograph new dance moves with that book cart, I am very excited about doing some of those parodies!

Plus, everyone needs a social outlet, so in addition to my acting classes that I do two days a week, I have now joined a book club that meets once a week & I have joined the St. Petersburg Shell Club that meets monthly!  Yes, we discuss seashells!!!  Oh, it is a happy day when you can show your latest beach treasure with a fellow conchologist who can appreciate it!

Seriously, nobody talks about Shell Club - ever!
Wow, a lot is going on!  So I need to get back to sewing, writing, reading, dancing, oh, - eating!  I always forget to do that one.  I hope all is wonderful and cooling off in your worlds, I just LOVE the fall season, don’t you?  Express yourself!