Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

Since it is already the 5th, most of you have probably put away your party horns and finally sobered up from all of those champagne toasts!  I actually celebrated six months of sobriety yesterday – a decision I made back on July 4th not as a result of alcoholism or drug addiction, but because I needed a very clear head to make an important decision that would perhaps alter my life in a big way - whether or not to leave Los Angeles.

As I am exhausted from traveling (and as a result developed a slight cold), I will utilize my activities and photos from New Year's Eve to tell a short story in how I made that difficult decision...

This past year was like a labyrynth of little bags of lights leading me on a path through the darkness of the unknown.  Some days it seemed like I was on the right path, only to be faced with a dead end where I would then have to turn back around and attempt a different approach. 

Once in awhile, out of the blue, a miracle would happen - like snow falling from the sky in Florida...

...or comp tickets to a Cheap Trick concert from an old friend, reminding me to remain hopeful and optimistic, things could change in a moment, often when you least expect them.

And while 2011 was full of obstacles and setbacks, there were several successes too.  Celebrating the New Year not with a toast of champagne, but sparkling white grape juice?  It took 20 years to accomplish that one!

And the next morning when I greeted 2012 with my eyes fully open - not influenced by alcohol or the opinions of others - I found that everything was suddenly so clear.  The resolution I tied on this 10-ft 'Resolution Dress' wasn't about zip codes, income, or job titles, but about my willingness to accept life's journey wherever it may lead me.

I know now that leaving Los Angeles isn't about quitting, giving up, or failing.  It isn't filled with anger or sadness either.  It is just another step in the adventure that is my life.  All I have to do is continue to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward.