Every library has a catalog containing all of the records found in its holdings.  At Stand-Up Librarian Designs, the following are the current items available for circulation and unlike a real library, you get to keep them!  For patrons wanting to check out any of the materials below or to get additional information about the items, please visit the SHOP page where you will be connected with my circulation staff at Etsy.  Those patrons needing additional assistance or custom orders, please contact the Reference Desk.
Stand-Up Librarian Designs - literary fabulous!






Books Long Tie/Front - Custom Order
Books Long Tie/Back - Custom Order
Books Bow Tie/Pre-Tied 
- Custom Order
Books Bow Tie/Self-Tied - $25
Edgar Allan Poe/Raven Bow Tie &
Handkerchief - Custom Order
James Joyce/Shamrock Bow Tie - $25
James Joyce/Bloomsday Bow Tie - $25
Books Scarf - $25
Edgar Allan Poe/Raven Scarf
& Hat - Custom Order
Books Stiletto Heels - Custom Order
Edgar Allan Poe/Raven Stiletto Heels 
- Custom Order
Books Slip Ons - Custom Order
Hats & Headbands:
Books Fascinator/Hat - $50
Meredith's Books Fascinator/Hat -
Custom Order
Cats & Books Fascinator/Hat - $50
Edgar Allan Poe/Raven Fascinator/Hat
- Custom Order
Books Bow Headband - $25
Seashell Headband- $25
Bamboo Purses:

Cats & Books Bamboo Purse - $50
Books Bamboo Purse - $50
Edgar Allan Poe Bamboo Purse -
Custom Order
Wristlet Purses:

Hedwig/Harry Potter Wristlet - $35
Golden Rare Books Wristlet - $40
Golden Cats & Books Wristlet - $40
James Joyce/Shamrock Golden Wristlet - $40
Rare Books Wristlet - $30

Cats & Books Wristlet - $30
Edgar Allan Poe/Raven Wristlet - $35
Nancy Drew Wristlet - $33
Broken Seashell Wristlet - $30
Blue Broken Seashell Wristlet
- Custom Order
Silver Broken Shell Wristlet 
- Custom Order
Fanny Packs: 
Rare Books Fanny Pack - $30
Cats & Books Fanny Pack - $30

Cosmetic Bags:
Edgar Allan Poe/Raven Cosmetic Bag - $18
Nancy Drew Cosmetic Bag - $17
James Joyce Cosmetic Bag - $15
Cats & Books Cosmetic Bag - $15
Books Cosmetic Bag - $15

Dog Collars:
Rare Books Novelty Dog Collar/Choker/Bracelet - $12
Cats & Books Dog Collar/Choker/Bracelet - $12
Holiday Materials (Custom Orders):
Patriotic Collection/July 4th, 2014
Fireworks Collection/July 4th, 2013
Peeps Collection/Easter 2013
James Joyce Collection/St. Patrick's Day 2013
Candy Anti-Hearts Wristlet/Valentine's Day 2013
Books Personalized Stocking/Christmas 2012
Curious George Personalized Stocking/Christmas 2012
Books Stocking/Christmas 2012
Charlie Brown Christmas Stocking/Christmas 2012
Gingerbread Man Stocking/Christmas 2012
Charlie Brown Christmas Purse/Christmas 2012
Turtle Dove Hat/Christmas 2012
Noel Music Hat/Christmas 2012
Grinch Wristlet/Christmas 2012
Gingerbread Man Hat, Scarf, Wristlet Purse 
& Cosmetic Bag/Christmas 2012
It's the Great Pumpkin Purse, Charlie Brown/
Halloween, Thanksgiving 2012
It's the Great Pumpkin Hat, Charlie Brown/
Halloween, Thanksgiving 2012
Blood Splattered Raven Hat & 
Headband/Halloween 2012
Bats Hat, Wrap, & Wristlet/Halloween 2012
Peeps Wristlet/Easter 2012
Children's Materials (Custom Orders):
Linus/Snoopy Security Blanket Scarf
Curious George Wristlet & Choker
Little Golden Books Wristlets
Mother Goose Wristlet, Fanny Pack & Cosmetic Bag
Poky Little Puppy Wristlet, Hat & Choker
Poky Little Puppy Messenger Bag
Tawny Scrawny Lion Beaded Wristlet
Berenstain Bears Wristlet
Adult Materials/Wristlet Purses, Fanny Packs & Cosmetic Bags (Custom Orders):
Democrat Cosmetic Bag/Election 2012
High Heels Cosmetic Bag
Kittens Cosmetic Bag
Laurel Burch Cats Fanny Pack & Cosmetic Bag
Wolverine/Marvel comics Wristlet
Band of Horses Wristlet
Dogs Cosmetic Bag
Baseball Clutch
Black & Blue Books Wristlet
Filmstrip Wristlet
I Love New York Wristlet
Seashell Wristlet 
Cats & Books Messenger Bag & Fanny Pack
Books Messenger Bag
Filmstrip Fanny Pack
Music Cosmetic Bag