Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy 5th Anniversary!

I look at all of the things I have accomplished over the past four years as the Stand-Up Librarian from performances and events to literary purses and parody songs, but the two things I wanted more than anything else was to be hired as a librarian at a library and to finish writing my book!”

Me today:
Professional Librarian!
Finished writing book!

I should have also said “...and win the lottery” because here I am one year later with both dreams accomplished and all it took was a little patience. 

Okay, a lot of patience! 

Five years after graduating with my Masters degree and I was finally hired and started working last week as a professional librarian.  And the best part of all was that I didn’t have to fill out a lengthy online application or submit a resume.  I just answered an email, took a tour of the library, and said yes.  It was that easy.  Oh, and spend the last five years busting my ass so I could be ready when the opportunity eventually presented itself.  You see, I got the job not because I was a librarian, but because I was also the Stand-Up Librarian!  Or just had cute bookmarks, I'm not exactly sure.  Anyway,  I was approached at an event over a year ago about this job & it turned out the guy was serious!  Which makes me realize that wearing an outfit made entirely out of books doesn’t make me look crazy at all, but in fact, qualified!!!  But seriously, every single experience from the start of this idea I had five years ago to working as an intern, volunteer, assistant and library page, has led me to develop the skills that would prepare me for this very moment.  My job is to catalog the most beautiful library I have ever seen.  Thousands of books, DVDs, and other materials, sit in boxes waiting to be cataloged, covered in plastic covers, and shelved by call numbers, all without a staff!  Huh?  Wait a minute...  Still, to help build such a library (and be employed), is a dream come true.

Well, one of them, anyway.  The other dream is to be a published author.  And I am getting very close! 

Last September, I finally finished writing a book filled with all of my crazy stories since deciding to become a librarian ten years ago.  Only now, thanks to my new job, I finally have my ending!  As I edit the manuscript and target agents for representation and publishers for publication, I really hope that perhaps next year, I can again be writing on here that yet another dream has been realized.  Having dreams is what truly keeps me going.

But dreams are not enough. 

It is because of so many people over the past five years that my dreams for Stand-Up Librarian are coming true.  Thank you so much to the librarians and book lovers who have hired me to perform my literary comedy shows at your libraries and bookstores, and to host your events and fundraisers.  Thanks to the fabulous folks who have purchased my literary fashion accessories at my shows and my Etsy shop.  Thank you to the press people who have shared my story and promoted my shows and appearances, making me grateful that not every media outlet wants to cover the Kardashians.  Thanks of course, to my awesome editors at Creative Loafing Tampa for enabling me to become a better writer as a result of my reporting on such awesome events as the opening of Universal Orlando’s The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – DiagonAlley.  Seriously, that was one incredible week of free butter beer!  To my family and friends who have stuck by me during the struggles and heartbreak of the early years by offering me places to stay when on the road or needing a shoulder to cry on when it seemed so many people just didn’t understand what I was trying to do – THANK YOU.  Lastly, to the unemployed librarians who feel lost, hopeless and want to quit…don’t.  I’ve got just the book for you if you can wait a little longer for me to get it to you.  If you can’t, start reading this blog from the beginning.  My advice is this: don’t doubt yourself.  The adventures ahead of you are endless if you just stand-up and try.

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