***Blurb: A promotional description, as found on the jackets of books.


“Dear Meredith, Great show! Thank you so much for bringing yourself, your friends and your comedy to my library. The audience loved it and so did I. I don’t think I can claim this as the first ever stand-up comedy in a library, but I can’t think of another program like it. So let’s just go ahead and say we made history the other night. Sometimes, the first time you try something, it doesn’t work out so well. I’m glad that was not the case with you. The Stand-Up Librarian was a great show, with a great performer and fun for the whole community. I hope this leads to a lot more for you and I hope that we have started a trend that other libraries will emulate. In the meantime, thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
- Ozgun Turner, Librarian, Yorba Linda Public Library

“Meredith, Every time I see someone who was at the luncheon we always wind up talking about you and your talent. What great fun it was. Marcia Giza and Joan McCarthy (both school principles) were very excited about how you would relate to the children especially middle schoolers. I wish I had a teacher with as much enthusiasm and ability to relate as you. Others who missed the luncheon have watched you on YouTube and were sorry to miss you in person, but then we may catch your act at the library someday!!”
- Barb Griffin, President, Palm Harbor Newcomers Club

“Meredith, All feedback from your show was excellent. Your personal interaction with our staff was an added touch. Hope to see you again!”
- Claudia Procko, Circulation Supervisor, Leesburg Public Library

“Meredith, Thank you so much for being a part of our event and making it such a success! We loved having you and were so grateful to feature you and your many talents. Can't wait to see you soon for more fun to come!”
- Marina Williams, Artist/Owner, ARTpool Gallery

“Thank you, Meredith. I had a lot of positive feedback from patrons regarding your program. Good luck to you, and stay busy! I will share information regarding your programming, website, etc. with other public youth librarians this coming fall.”
- Jill Storm, Youth Services Supervisor, Seminole Community Library @ St. Petersburg College, Seminole Campus

"Thanks to you, Meredith, we enjoyed your program so very much and you received lots of great comments!!!!! It was so nice to meet you. Hopefully we can do this again sometime!!!!!!!"
-Ginny Winters, Friends of the Town N' Country Library

"Thank you again for being such a funny, organized, conscientious host for Broad Comedy last night. You did an amazing job!"
-Gina Vivinetto, Professor, University of Tampa

“You did an incredible job, Meredith! I am so grateful to you and Allan Smith for your amazing efforts!”
- Sarah Smith, Manager, Florida Antiquarian Book Fair

"Hi Meredith, It was sooo good seeing you...and you were terrific! I know for a fact that many of my colleagues really enjoyed your performance. I especially enjoyed "Arlene the Sardine" (what a hoot) and your mash-up of books. Quite clever. Thank you. Your time will come. It's just finding the right position with the right organization. I'm proud of you."
- Gene Coppola, Library Director, Palm Harbor Library

“Myers is part of a growing number of young librarians who are busting stereotypes of the 'typical librarian' and forcing change within their own libraries."
- Ana Tintocalis, KPBS/NPR

"Myers is cute and campy, but she still means business. I received an email and phone call the morning after viewing her show. She's doing her own PR."
- Jennifer Snow, The Village Voice

"We have our tiffs with publicists, but we admire the spunk of anyone who tackles a new career, and when we heard that former flack Meredith Myers was doing a one-woman show, we knew we had to see it."
- Joyce Wadler, The New York Times

"She also has a sense of humor, which is something many librarians sorely need...I could almost see her on the library star circuit one day."
- The Annoyed Librarian, blogger

"I was happy to meet Meredith Myers of wore the cutest hat. She's not your grandmother's librarian, but then again, who is? Librarians are hot. That's the truth."
- Author Luanne Rice

"We need more librarians honey, you are a doll, keep doing what you're doing!"
-Comedian Sandra Bernhard

"The only stand-up comic slash librarian I know. And she's funny!"
- Author Christopher Rice


“Meredith Myers has been a definite asset to our branch. Our entire staff has been pleased to have such an eager and enthusiastic learner as part of our team. She is always on time and is cheerful and positive in her communications to coworkers and patrons. She showed the staff within the first few days of her internship that she had a firm grasp on our numerous library policies as she was able to articulate them to patrons. She readily adapted to the use of the library's internal (and specific to our system) terminology and easily demonstrated confident execution of the mechanics of our technology (OPAC and internal catalog) once she had been trained. Personally, I was impressed with her natural ability to deal with the many personality types that a librarian may encounter at the public desk of the library. Learning to communicate with patrons can be a challenge. She was able to locate the types of materials patrons where looking for and then if a case presented itself that perhaps was more complex or required a different search strategy, Meredith always asked for additional instruction. Meredith Myers would be a welcome addition to any library staff.” 
- Madeleine Kerr, Children's Librarian, Los Feliz Branch/Los Angeles Public Library

“As the Director of Gulf Beaches Public Library, I have had the privilege of directly working with Meredith Myers for the past six months. While pursuing her Masters Degree in Library and Information Science, she also devoted her free time as an invaluable volunteer at the library. Although I have known her for many years and knew of her ambition to become a librarian, it wasn’t until she volunteered that I became fully aware of just how dedicated she is to the profession. As a volunteer, Meredith worked specifically on a special project – the development and preparation of the themed displays that rotate on a bi-weekly basis. The displays are the center point of the library and due to a staff shortage they haven’t been given the attention to detail that they need. I thought that having Meredith develop themes with corresponding books, audios, films and music would provide the library with a great way to promote materials and a great way for her to learn the collection and adapt her research skills. She also creatively developed all of the themed posters. The community has given much positive feedback on the displays and our circulation of materials that might not regularly get checked out has increased dramatically. Meredith has provided the library with well over a year of displays and corresponding materials to use. Her drive and dedication is very apparent and her hard work is greatly appreciated. I am thrilled that Meredith is joining the library profession. She is a smart, talented and ambitious woman who will make an excellent Librarian. She works hard and is very detail-oriented. I have observed her interactions with staff and patrons and she is very much a team player and focused on good customer service. Meredith will be an asset to any library that hires her. I envision her being a real mover and shaker in the library profession.”
 - Maggie Cinnella, Library Director, Gulf Beaches Public Library 

“I have worked on several projects with Meredith. She has a knowledgeable interest in film, film history, film libraries, and film archives. This has been a particular interest of mine as Media Librarian and Popular Culture aficionado. Meredith would be an asset to these programs because she has demonstrated maturity and creative skills through her years in Public Relations and retail ventures. She would be able to independently on any project assigned. Meredith worked on our county’s Millennium Celebration, helping produce Webb City: The Musical, the most successful production of an original musical in the City of St. Petersburg’s history. She has extensive experience radio production and promotion, marketing experience with film, music, television, and fashion, and, of course, catering.” 
- Gerald A. Notaro, Media Librarian, Nelson Poynter Memorial Library

“I work in the marketing/pubic relations department of a four-year college in St. Petersburg, Fla. It was there that I had the pleasure of meeting Meredith, who was working with the college to plan events for a countywide millennium celebration. In order to put on this series of high profile events, the college needed someone who could work to make sure the events were feasible, someone who was proficient in tending to details, and someone who was reliable in making sure things went smoothly. Creativity was an essential part of this job as well. The college found all of these characteristics in Meredith. As someone open to new challenges, Meredith moved to New York City to further her career in public relations. Not only did she work with major corporations and celebrities, she also took the initiative to fulfill one of her dreams – writing, producing and starring in a one-woman show. The performance was a success.” 
- Stephanie Henningsen, Information Coordinator, St. Petersburg College

“I know Ms. Myers as a student in three of my classes at the University of South Florida, Tampa. Though the courses were challenging, Ms. Myers’ knowledge, enthusiasm, and sense of humor shone. In the course entitled “Foundations of Library and Information Science,” Ms. Myers wrote a fascinating chronology of film libraries. She also eagerly explored the issues involved in equal access, intellectual freedom, and privacy in libraries—the ethical hallmarks upon which librarianship is based. Other students benefited directly from Meredith’s knowledge and eagerness to share this knowledge. As part of a 3-member blog team, Meredith calmed the fears of her classmates and collaborated with them to create a unique and informative blog. She followed this up with a summer class in Ethics. Like the “Foundations” course, “Ethics” required collaborative skills. As part of a six-person team, Ms. Myers evaluated ethical and situational issues in and outside of librarianship and developed solutions for solving them. In one of the toughest courses in the curriculum, “Basic Information Sources and Services”, Ms. Myers developed an electronic pathfinder to assist college level students in locating information for term papers. For the assignment, Ms. Myers spent a great deal of time researching topics, locating best sources for information and juggling her limited time expertly. Ms. Myers also submitted written evaluations of print and electronic reference sources and took part in mock reference interviews, role-playing exercises. The results of her efforts for this class were superb. Ms. Myers has demonstrated a great degree of understanding, respect and sensitivity for “..academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic …” differences as well as a great love for the library and information science profession. She has a strong command of the English language and communicates it well orally and in writing. She is poised to be one of the profession’s leaders and is a good candidate for any position as an entry-level librarian.”
- Debra J. Slone, Assistant Professor, School of Library and Information Science, USF


"Great! Exactly what I wanted.  And wow, that was shipped fast"

- Sandy Hutchins (Books bow tie)

"Well made. My Poe-loving daughter will love it.  Shipped quickly."
- Maggie Rebholz (Edgar Allan Poe/Raven purse)

"Great little bag and quick shipping!"
- Jessica Russ (Nancy Drew cosmetic bag)

"I purchased this for a friend,  and it looks great! I know she will love it. Meredith the seller is amazing,  she is so wonderful to work with and willing to anything to make the purchasing process easier. Definitely would recommend her shop to anyone who has that certain friend with an eclectic style,  because Meredith is right on the money! Will be shopping again soon!"
- Kristen Ashe (Edgar Allan Poe/Raven cosmetic bag)

"Love the book headband!  Thanks for sending it so quickly!"
- Angie Hetsy (Books headband)

"Meredith does gorgeous work."
- Nadine Merry (Books bamboo purse)

"A little gift to myself.  I love that you do so much for libraries.  I go at least once a week and I get real books and books on CD, plus an ebook once in a while.  Thanks for the super fast shipping and all you do for literacy!"
- Joy Tashlik Sage (Cats & Books wristlet purse)

"Great bag!"
- Jan Rivers (Golden Books wristlet purse)


“Hello Meredith. I appreciate your time and effort into DIH workshops. I can’t speak for other but I look forward to learn something new and telling us that I can do it myself (sometimes). I know there is many more to learn. I know best is hand on experience rather than just sit and listen. I know the materials aren’t cheap. Just want to say thank you to all.”
- Tami Lieu

“Meredith, Thank you! That was a large group and an ambitious project and you managed everything so well.
 I patched, sanded, and painted my storage box today and it looks great!”
Paula Maurer

“Thank you for a wonderful class tonight.”
– Bonnie Hart

“Hi Meredith! You did great job! Wow, we worked so hard with building the big wooden boxes last night but it's worth it. We really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward for the next project on February 20. 
Thanks for the great pictures and all your help! Thanks a millions!” 
- Debbie Mims

“LOVED LOVED LOVED last night's workshop - thanks to you! I have several others interested in coming to your next one. Let me know and we we will register! Thanks!”
– Linda Flack

“Meredith, I want to (virtually) applaud you because I have already taken three praise phone calls this morning from ladies that attended the workshop last night. Kudos to you and the team for delivering a memorable experience to all who spent part of the evening at the store. THANK YOU!!
- J.J. Rodriquez, Assistant Store Manager, The Home Depot

“Meredith, THANK YOU!! For the DIH clinic it looked like another successful evening again! I appreciate your efforts and the impact you’ve made with our ladies in Seminole! Once again great job on creating an Emotional Connection with the ladies in our

- Jason Atkins, Store Manager, The Home Depot

“AWESOME! Thanks to you and the team for making such an emotional connection with our customers and impacting their lives! Thank you!"
- Cricket Surls, Human Resources Director, The Home Depot

“Way to go Meredith. You truly took the ball and ran with it. Thanks for your leadership and commitment to the DIY clinic execution and our goal to become the Number 1 Retailer in World in Customer Service. Awesome Job and thanks for the continued focus on growing and improving the DIH experience.”
- Mark Alexander, District Manager, The Home Depot