Monday, September 16, 2013

"When Homer's Away, the LADIES Will Play"

Today marks my 6-month anniversary of being the unofficial librarian at The Home Depot!  It's funny how just wanting a part-time job with health benefits (and men!!!), has resulted in me basically being a librarian with power tools!  From taking my book fabric and sewing it onto my orange apron to helping customers find information in the store to doing arts & crafts at the Kids Workshops, I have come to realize that once again, a librarian doesn't always have to work at a library to make a difference!  Plus, I am so grateful to my management, co-workers and customers for absolutely embracing me and my creative personality - because the truth is, not everybody can handle a funny redhead wearing an outfit made entirely out of tools!

Thursday, September 19th / 6:30 – 8 pm
Installing Tile – Wall & Floor
*Giveaways *Refreshments  *Projects *Experts
FREEFUN & FABULOUS Way To Home Improvement!

This week, I am proud to announce that I will begin hosting the monthly Do-It HERSELF workshop, where I will have yet another incredible opportunity to use all of my talents in design, information sciences, public relations/marketing, and comedy – so if you thought I was funny in the library, wait till you see me with hardware and tools!  This month, we will learn How to Install a Tile Backsplash and Tile Floor, plus I will have a fun art project for using that leftover tile.  We will also have giveaways, refreshments, and plenty of time with our experts about any of your home improvement projects.  So if you are in the Tampa Bay area, please join in on the fun!  If you aren’t, you can still go to your local Home Depot and participate there and just like those library events, it is FREE!!!  Please sign up here (making sure to sign up for the Seminole store - zip code 33772 for mine, or you can put in your zip code for your local Home Depot to attend that one.)  

"When Homer's Away, the LADIES Will Play..."

Working Kids Workshops with Will.

With HD Southern Division President
Ann-Marie Campbell.

In my outfits, I am often called the Flo
(Progressive commercials) of The Home Depot!