Thursday, June 28, 2012

The 817s in American Libraries & ALA Direct!

Thanks to the American Library Association & George Eberhart at American Libraries magazine for their support and coverage of the 817s performance at ALA Anaheim.  The following is reprinted with their permission:

Girl Gone Wild @ ALA

Submitted by George Eberhart on Tue, 06/26/2012 - 10:26
One highlight at the ALA PopTop Stage on Monday was the debut performance of the 817’s (for you Dewey-challenged folk, that’s “American humor and satire”), a comedy troupe consisting of Stand-Up Librarian Meredith Myers, MLIS of Fortune (and singer) Danica Sheridan, and RUSA’s own Mr. Reference, Dave Tyckoson.
In addition to the finale song, a karaoke version of Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” (be sure to watch the amazing video, 4:54), the 817’s performed stand-up, improv, an “Occupy ALA” skit, “Guess the Celebrity Authors,” and a “Librarians in the Movies” skit. They also showed videos: “Library Avengers,” which featured some scenes from the exhibit floor, and a hilarious Dos Equis spoof, “The Most Interesting Librarian in the World,” featuring none other than formerALA President Michael Gorman, produced by Tyckoson.

The 817s perform "CHILDREN'S LIBRARIAN Gone Wild" at ALA:

The 817s are..."The LIBRARY Avengers":

Danica Sheridan, MLIS of Fortune, on the PopTop Stage.
Meredith Myers, the Stand-Up Librarian, on the PopTop Stage.
Dave Tyckoson, RUSA's own Mr. Reference, on the PopTop Stage.
The 817s.
Direct link to George's coverage: