Saturday, January 22, 2011

I'm Famous, People Hate Me!

Wow - this is hilarious - The Annoyed Librarian, a blog I have long admired for pushing the bar and pissing people off, has devoted an entire blog post about me in that KPBS article. And to think none of this Meredith-bashing could have happened if I had only worn a headband instead of that funny hat to the ALA conference. Another example that fashion is powerful, people!

Now, this is not the first time people have misunderstood me and/or wanted to make a bad comment about me behind my back or online. As I always say, I am not a comedian but a verbally abusive motivational speaker…look out Tony Robbins! I am just terribly shocked that this time the trash talking came not from a comedy performance but from my fellow librarians, who I love and admire! And they called me old!!!! Now THAT is funny.

I don’t usually make it a habit to respond to criticism or morons with too much time on their hands, because in my opinion if you don’t get it, too bad. However, as I am still new at all of this blogging stuff, I will make an exception this one time…

Here’s the link to Annoyed Librarian’s ‘Substance, Not Style’ article and the numerous bad comments from my “fans”:

And here is my response to all of it:

“Jeez - thanks everybody for throwing me under the bus. I was interviewed for the KPBS article, I didn't write it nor ask to be the "spokesperson" - plus the article and my quotes were focused on YA (where image is more important than it is with adults, who are smarter and can read between the lines - at least I thought so till I read your comments on here.) Are you this judgmental with your patrons too? I spent 4 years getting that degree so I have earned the right to call myself a librarian - a ton of money and top grades just for a "feather in my cap." My purpose with is to entertain while educating people about the importance of libraries and ALL librarians (even you bitter, judgmental, unfashionable ones) - because that is what I can offer this field using my past experiences in comedy and PR. Humor, fun, numerous mistakes! It is my opinion, my journey, not an example of right or wrong - after all, I am still learning. What are you doing besides putting down someone who has done nothing but admire all of you and hope to work with you someday? You can hate me, think my opinion is unjustified, call me old, and say my failed purse business from 2005 is a joke, but at least I am using my time and energy trying to make positive change in an industry that needs it right now. My mission is to show the world that libraries are an important and fun place to be - now stop talking shit about me and help me!”

Bottom line, I am like no other person in the world and yet, I wouldn’t wish my life on any of you. It is complicated and confusing, with me wearing many fabulous hats with no real clue as to what I am doing in any of them. However, for the first time in my life, I am happy being exactly who I am (successes and failures) and with tremendous effort, I am trying to do something I love while hopefully, being a fun, positive influence in the process. I cannot control the press or what people say when they read the press, I can only laugh at it knowing my heart is in the right place. If you choose to step on it, so be it.